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HVACR trade persons living or working in California qualify for the scholarship program.

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Apply for Free HVAC Training Today!

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ItsAboutQ is a Free HVAC training program – completely on-line!


  • Online programs allow 24×7 access so that the training comes to your doorstep instead of traveling to attend training sessions. Train from the convenience of your home or office with self-directed training experienced online.
  • This program is not a cram course to get-you-through-an-exam. Instead, the courses and programs focus on career technical education standards (CTE) intended to upskill participants steadily. Competency is demonstrated through progressive quizzes and exams.


Courses and programs include many areas of study


  • Electrical
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Boiler, Chiller and Cooling tower technology and troubleshooting
  • Commercial Refrigeration for HVAC Technicians
  • NATE RTW and Certification Specialty (Air Conditioning)
  • Customer Service Training
  • Every course qualifies for NATE CE Hours (continuing education hours)


NATE technician certification is widely required and increasing each year


  • The skills gap in today’s technicians is dramatically increasing. Technician capabilities have not kept up with technology advances.
  • The NATE Ready to Work (RTW) program focuses on minimally trained apprentices and new hires. Through a series of introductory courses, the technician begins to gather entry-level skills.
  • The NATE CORE and specialty programs are intended for technicians with 1-year of field experience and the willingness to invest the time to complete the program through to the certification exams. Technicians are far more confident upon completion and certification.
  • Enjoy a 90% plus first-time pass rate on the NATE exams. The proven high pass rate for first-time examinees makes this program a natural and confident choice.


For Employers


  • ItsAboutQ can help you establish a training program that takes your technicians working at any level to the next steps. We hear from employers continually wondering where all of the qualified technicians have gone. There are two answers to that question:
  • Only the same underqualified technicians are working in the industry. With technology steadily becoming more sophisticated, the answer is that many technicians have made little to no effort to stay formally up to date, instead of relying on a combination of luck and changing parts.
  • More people are leaving and retiring from the industry at a time when technology advances have forced higher levels of preventative maintenance requirements and technical skills.


For Technicians and Apprentices


  • ItsaboutQ is a natural choice given our massive first-time pass rate to bring you up to NATE certified technician standards. As states and energy utilities have negatively focused on underqualified technicians performing services for their rebate and optimization programs, the industry-wide demand for progressive training and certification has increased exponentially.
  • Building owners now aggressively seek out the money-saving optimization and rebate programs aiming to reduce their operating expenses. Without certification, you could find yourself locked out from working on these projects.
  • California Utility Ratepayers fund the Tuition Assistance Program under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission. That means programs are free to applicants in California.

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Beginner to Advanced HVAC/R Programs

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